Remodeling Services in Allentown, Pa

With Oak & Stone Construction, you can be carefree when you need kitchen and bath remodeling services. Our team can do it all, you dream it, we make it happen. We strive for customer satisfaction, by providing seamless work and communication customer needs throughout the process.

If you are looking for remodeling services for your kitchen in Allentown, PA or Central Pennsylvania, Oak & Stone Construction is your answer! We are equipped to meet all your needs when it comes to kitchen cabinets. We work with all kinds of cabinets, may it be shaker cabinets, slab, louvered and even if you have a custom design. In addition, we offer a variety of kitchen cabinets options that can be purchased from Oak & Stone showroom.

Need floors installed or looking to refinish the old one. Oak & Stone Construction is the partner you need. We provide remodeling services in Allentown, PA and throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our team is equipped to install any kind of flooring that you need, may it be Hardwood floor or Vinyl flooring, we can do it. Our main priority is customer satisfaction and ample timing.

Oak & Stone Construction provides all aspects of plumbing services you might need. We provide affordable and top-quality services like bathroom fixtures, shower fittings, bathroom sinks and any other service you might require. We provide remodeling services in Allentown, PA and Central Pennsylvania.

Need to put in a new dry wall or repair the one you have. Oak & Stone Construction is the partner you are looking for. We strive for perfecting, customer satisfaction and top-quality work. We make sure you get what you pay for when acquiring remodeling services. We also work with any type of sheetrock that you might need to get installed.

Looking for partner that understands your painting needs and provide you with the service that doesn’t make second guess the work. Look no further! Oak & Stone construction has experience painters in their team to provide you with top quality painting jobs. We provide the painting services in Allentown PA, and whole of Central Pennsylvania area.